Club Details
The holiday club is suitable for children from 3 years (toilet trained and happy to be dropped off and able to keep with forest walks) up to the age of 11 ( Primary aged children)

Little Foresters: ages 3 – 5
No two days in the forest are the same. We encourage children to explore, learn from and just “be” in nature. A child could be interested in mastering tree climbing and if they choose to persist at this activity until they feel that they have satisfied this need, we let them be. We always have bush craft activities on the go, but the importance of the “process rather than the product” is the message we like to get across. Our little foresters spend their session at the base camp, exploring different activities, playing games and engaging in bushcraft and nature craft activities.

Adventure Tribe: ages 6 – 11
Our Adventure tribe children are in store for an action packed day! Activities we offer are whittling, sawing, drilling, fire lighting, tree climbing. We also offer skills based sessions where the children learn about foraging, outdoor cooking, shelter building and learning about the natural world through practical hands on experiences.

We start our session at our base camp and explore the surrounding woodlands to gather resources to use in our activities.

The Holiday club takes place during the following times: (although we have different drop off times

09:30 to 14:00 for Adventure Tribe ( 6-11 years)
09:45 to 13:45 for Little Foresters (3-5 years)
12:30 pickups are available on request

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